Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tap Water

A week has gone by, and now I'm in a very difficult situation. It doesn't have to be difficult but I make it that way. Maybe because I want an excuse to think me life is too hard for me, or that people should pity me because of my struggles.

I feel like the best things I do are such lofty bull shit. I use my words to manipulate excellence, but really, there is nothing there worth the dirt under my shoe. It's just trickery.

It was raining so hard today, washing all the city's disgust into the ocean. Tomorrow I'll get to see for myself what this cleanse has done. Don't get me wrong, rain is great, but it washes away only the tears of the city, not the hurt.

Is the glass half full or half empty? I just think it is as it is. It exist and controls its own perception.
My life just is, not full or empty, it is stuck in the void in between. A sub-par life pretending to be extraordinary. What kind of glass is that? It's a colored wine glass filled with tap water, that is what it is. From the outside, there could be the most delicious drink inside, yet to be explored. But upon taste, it is nothing more than regular.

At least I don't cause plastic water bottle waste, I guess, go tap water!
From the outside,

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